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Bloomberg Stuns City With Exciting New ‘Service’

A new city inspector's truck

A new city inspection truck, one of fifteen announced today by Mayor Bloomberg.Photo: AP

Mayor Bloomberg announced this afternoon that a fleet of fifteen inspectors in funny little trucks will soon be scouring the city for problems — anything from graffiti to bad smells to potholes — and reporting them back to the 311 call center. The idea is to report up to 3,000 problems a day, which will help the city learn what it needs to focus on, and where. All very interesting and thoughtful. But as the News’ “Daily Politics” column points out, something else came out of Hizzoner’s press conference in Bushwick — a new nickname. Bloomberg referred to himself, off-the-cuff, as “the full-service mayor.” We’re not going to forget that one anytime soon, when we’re thinking up mayoral punch lines. Or, you know, as we’re trying to fall asleep at night.

The Full Service Mayor [NYDN]

Bloomberg Stuns City With Exciting New ‘Service’