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Bloomberg’s Hat Inches Ever Closer to Ring


Michael Bloomberg.Photo: Getty Images

Mayor Mike’s Speedy Gonzalez—like presidential effort — he’s not running yet, but he jumped in the air and his legs are spinning — continues apace. The Observer’s Politicker blog noticed yesterday that the mayor’s people have bought ad space on Gmail screens, sending e-mail-checkers to his (non-)campaign Website. Today’s Sun adds the detail that people who’ve signed up on that site earlier this week received a Washington Post op-ed by former mayor Ed Koch — predicting that Bloomberg will announce a presidential run by early 2008. Finally, the Daily News reports that hizzoner, on leaving jury duty yesterday, was overheard asking an aide if “they send you a notice to serve if you’re living at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.” Epa!

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Bloomberg’s Hat Inches Ever Closer to Ring