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Chloë Sevigny to Scowl All Over Fashion Week

• Investment-banking revenue could fall 47 percent for banks like Bear and Deutsche. Or, you know, 70 percent. [WSJ, WSJ, NYT]
• More analysts are comparing today’s situation to the big collapses of 1987 and 1998. But with better fashion and worse music. [DealBreaker]
• Happy birthday Warren Buffett! The Oracle of Omaha is 77. [DealBreaker]

• Dominick Dunne apparently tried to hire Anthony Pellicano, the famed L.A. private investigator recently charged with racketeering, to take revenge on John Sweeney, the murderer of Dunne’s daughter, but Pellicano talked him out of it. [Slate]
• Tucker Carlson boasted about calling in friends to help beat up a gay man who hit on him in a Washington bathroom, then later modified his story. [Gawker, Gawker]
Fast Company hired senior editor Jeff Chu away from Portfolio via Facebook message. Meanwhile, the Politico’s Ben Smith is so tech unsavvy that he doesn’t even know how to stop the government from seeing his Facebook friends. [Gawker, HuffPo]

• Nixon Peabody’s ridiculous company song got picked by VH1 as the summer’s best jam. This is clearly a win-win. [Legal Blog Watch]
• Is affirmative action at law schools actually hurting minorities? [Law Blog/WSJ]
• Bill Lerach denied that his suspiciously Nixonian farewell address was written by best bud and former Nixon speechwriter Ben Stein, though he pretty clearly lifted a line from The Godfather. [Law Blog/WSJ]

• There’s a new publisher in WWD town. Hm. If it were actually a town, would there be restaurants? [FishbowlNY/Mediabistro, Folio]
• Oh God, Chloë Sevigny is showing a line at Fashion Week. No, there’ll be no B-listers to actually sit in the audience this year! [WWD]
• More naked men to appear in Dolce & Gabbana ads, shot by Steven Klein. Only this time, they’re getting whipped by dominatrices. Oh, art. [British Vogue]

Chloë Sevigny to Scowl All Over Fashion Week