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Chopra Bails on Album Party, But André the Muse Impresses


André K. last night.Photo: Patrick McMullan

Rasa Music’s launch party last night for Mothers, a collection of remixed African songs, was quite likely the first event of its kind to take place at ABC Carpet & Home. It was billed as a chance to meet Deepak Chopra, but Deepak didn’t make it. A low-key Padma Lakshmi, though, swung by for a chat with DJ Donna D’Cruz, Rasa’s chief and also Lakshmi’s compatriot (both, the author explained to us, hail from the same corner of India). But the focal point of the evening — which, for the record, meant upstaging Patricia Field falling out of a cut-up T-shirt — was André J., who is famous for “wearing calmness” (as well as an Afro and a poncho) in what could be New York’s most memorable Look Book. The self-described “muse,” who since his Look Book appearance has switched to gleaming helmet hair and moved down the alphabet to André K., defined his role in the launch as “I am this room. I am this party.” We didn’t argue. He then picked up some balled-up napkins and brought us a Chardonnay. Thanks.

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Chopra Bails on Album Party, But André the Muse Impresses