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‘Christian’ Bookseller Takes Up O.J.’s Cross

O.J. Simpson

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And the lucky publisher who gets to publish O.J. Simpson’s tell-all book, If I Did It – guaranteed profits! At only the low, low cost of your soul! – has finally been announced. It’s Eric Kampmann of Beaufort Books! Wait, who? Upon a bit of investigation, we discovered that Beaufort is a small, independent house that frequently “guides the publishing process” and “shares in the risk.” In other words, it’s a vanity press where writers put up some of their own money to see their work in print. The Goldmans won’t have to put up any cash for this effort, but according to Publisher’s Weekly, “the manuscript is believed to have gotten a cool response from major houses,” which may be why it found its way to a smaller company. “Eric came forward and he is really a well respected, fine Christian man who totally understands why this book should be published,” the book’s agent, Sharlene Martin told PW. “Obviously, I wanted to find a publisher who could react quickly to the situation and the beauty of a publisher like Beaufort is that the buck stops with Eric Kampmann.” Ooh, maverick Christian bookselling – just what this whole murderous drama needed.

If I Did It Sold to Beaufort’s Eric Kampmann [Publisher’s Weekly]
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‘Christian’ Bookseller Takes Up O.J.’s Cross