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David Beckham Lures Us With His Brilliant Smile, Bendy Kicks

David Beckham

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The David Beckham Experience (known to some as the Los Angeles Galaxy soccer club) is in town to play our New York Red Bulls tomorrow. We were excited to make a bunch of sarcastic comments about how tomorrow was the first day of the rest of our lives. Or how Pelé playing for the old New York Cosmos was clearly just a St. John the Baptist paving the way for the sport’s real Messiah. But then we started to dig around a little, and we read that the Red Bulls had sold some 60,000 tickets for the game. And that the cheapest ticket on (as of 2:30 this afternoon) was going for $62. (By comparison, tickets for next Saturday’s game are going for $8.99.) So we wondered, are we just behind the curve? Is there really something to seeing this Beckham guy? After all, we fit the demographic soccer is trying to win over: We like sports, we watch the World Cup every four years, and our love of hockey proves we’re willing to stand alone. Would we actually enjoy a soccer game in person?

So we just bought a ticket to attend our first professional soccer game, and we’ll let you know on Monday how it goes. Well played, Beckham. Well played. —Joe DeLessio

David Beckham Lures Us With His Brilliant Smile, Bendy Kicks