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Duel of the Dastardly Docs

Brad Jacobs

A cropped screenshot of Brad Jacobs’s former
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Photo: Village Voice

Today the Times tries to shock us with a tale of New Jersey doctor Raymond P. Russomanno, who is accused of over twenty counts of illegal sexual contact. It’s an extremely upsetting case, but in typical guerilla fashion, the Village Voice blows them out of the water with a story about Upper East Side plastic surgeon Brad Jacobs, who is facing accusations that he “smoked crystal meth with one of his patients, had sex with her while she was recuperating from a nose job, and ultimately deformed her face.” This comes on top of a whopping 26 lost or settled malpractice cases over the last eight years, which is a state record, and over ten times the average in New York.

Calling himself “one of the most famous plastic surgeons in history,” Jacobs has worked on celebrities and Playboy Playmates. In their lengthy story, the Voice reveals how he once left a sponge inside a woman’s breast and then balked at paying for corrective surgery — and allegedly once took a phony biopsy, telling a woman she didn’t have breast cancer when she did. And they go into lurid detail about the sex and crystal-meth accusations, which were made by a recovering addict — including the spectacularly superfluous allegation that Jacobs “has a gigantic penis.” See, this is why the Times shouldn’t even try on these stories. Leave them to the tabs to do it right.

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Duel of the Dastardly Docs