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Fake Steve Jobs Is Greedy, Outed, and at Work on a Fake Novel


The real Steve Jobs, who is not writing a novel.Photo: Getty Images

If you’re enough of a techie that the idea of a parody blog written from Steve Jobs’s point of view strikes you as rife with comic possibilities, well, you probably already know Fake Steve Jobs. And if you do, you’ve probably just read (while browsing the Times on your iPhone, no doubt) that the paper exposed the anonymous author of that blog — i.e. Fake Steve himself — as Daniel Lyons, a senior editor at Forbes. (“Hope you feel good about yourself, you mangina,” wrote Lyons to Times reporter Brad Stone in today’s you-got-me post — written in his own voice, not Steve’s.)

This isn’t exactly a JT LeRoy–size bombshell, or even Joe Klein owning up to Primary Colors; to us, in fact, the most notable aspect of the story is that a senior editorship at Forbes apparently leaves one with oodles of free time. Still, there’s something deeply funny about the way Fake Steve got fingered. He got greedy. In October, Da Capo Press will publish a novel — a novel! — by “Anonymous,” written entirely in the Steve Jobs persona. Once the agent began selling his mystery client as “a published novelist and writer for a major business magazine,” the list of suspects grew very, very short. As for the novel itself, it co-stars Bono and Al Gore. In a disturbing development, is already active.

Fake Steve’ Blogger Comes Clean [NYT]

Fake Steve Jobs Is Greedy, Outed, and at Work on a Fake Novel