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Foxy Brown Sent to Prison, Pregnancy Notwithstanding

Foxy Brown

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Foxy Brown, hip-hop’s reigning hellion, was sent to jail today after a judge decided she had violated her probation. Last week she was arrested for allegedly assaulting a neighbor, which Criminal Court Judge Melissa Jackson ruled was a breach of the probation she’d been serving since being convicted of lashing out at two manicurists in 2004. A witness for the Website described her face, when the judgment was passed down, as “priceless.” Though she recently revealed she’s expecting a child, she’ll be in the clink until at least September 5, when a trial is scheduled for the most recent offense. Which means, one can only hope, that the preggers-in-prison rap genre is about to totally blow up.

Ill No Mo’: Foxy Brown is Headed to the Slammer [TMZ]

Foxy Brown Sent to Prison, Pregnancy Notwithstanding