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Georgina Bloomberg’s Irish Fetish


Bloomberg competing in England last month.Photo: Getty Images

The mayor’s little filly is dating another fella, says the Post: Georgina, the talented equestrienne, has been seeing fellow rider Cian O’Connor for several months now. O’Connor, who won a gold medal for show jumping at the 2004 Olympics (but was later stripped of it for using banned substances), frequently goes head to head with Bloomberg on the international riding circuit. They were introduced to one another by Georgina’s trainer, Jimmy Doyle, who, like O’Connor, is Irish. Funny, because Georgina’s last serious boyfriend, Declan Orpen, was also an Irish horseman also introduced by her trainer. And for that we’re particularly jealous of her — all our trainer ever does is make us feel bad about our arms.

She’s Irish Frisky [NYP]

Georgina Bloomberg’s Irish Fetish