‘Gossip Girl’ Just As Tawdry, New Yorky As We’d Hoped

Blake Lively

Mischa Barton 2.0: Blake Lively, star of the new
CW show Gossip Girl.Photo: Getty Images

So we got our hands on a preview DVD of the new show Gossip Girl. You know, the new CW show based on the megapopular book series? For anybody over the age of 20 (okay, let’s be honest, 28), it’s basically Sex and the City for the New York City private-school set. The show films in the city, and we were delighted to note how many NYC landmarks are defiled in the first episode alone. Without giving away the (extremely vigorous) plotline, here are some of our favorite bits:

• Two teenage boys smoke weed in Central Park.
• A high-school couple has sex on the bar at the Campbell Apartment.
• Underage drinking takes over the bar at the Palace Hotel.
• A freshman almost gets raped under the Manhattan Bridge.

We can’t wait until tourists start taking bus tours of the landmarks on this show.

Gossip Girl [Official site]

‘Gossip Girl’ Just As Tawdry, New Yorky As We’d Hoped