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Hey, New Yorkers: You’re Fat!


Maybe Coney Island is keeping us fat.Photo: Getty Images

So you know how the city banned trans fats from our foods? And is making fast-food places post nutrition information? And otherwise going out of its way to healthy us up? And how everybody seems to be at the gym all the time? And how Whole Foods, with its organic this and whole-grain that, is taking over the city? Yeah, well, today’s Daily News brings news that New York — granted, the state, not the city — budged not at all on the national obesity ranking this year. We’re apparently the 38th most obese state, with 22.4 percent of New Yorkers weighing in as obese and more than half overweight. But, actually, things might not be so bad: We’re not that far off from the skinniest state, Colorado, where 17.6 percent of the population is obese, and we’re a far cry from Mississippi, with more than 30 percent obesity. Sometimes we’re really glad we have Mississippi.

Bulge Battle Weighs on New Yorkers [NYDN]

Hey, New Yorkers: You’re Fat!