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Hipsters Celebrate Themselves Celebrating Themselves on YouTube

Thomas Onorato

Velvet-rope guru Thomas Onorato.Photo: Patrick McMullan

If you ever watch MTV, you’re sure to be familiar with their hilariously earnest show, MADE, wherein desperate young people attempt to become something that they are not, like a cheerleader, a prom king, or a football player. This week a gaggle of knowing New Yorkers released a YouTube spoof of the series called MADE: I Want to Be a Hipster. Appropriately, they celebrated themselves last night at the Tribeca Grand. We picked our way through heavy bangs, huge patterns, and thick glasses to get tips from the experts about becoming one of them. “It’s all about the silhouette,” said MisShapes doorman Thomas Onorato. “Skinny jeans, converse sneakers.” Having ventured south of 14th Street at least once in our lives, we pressed on for something we didn’t already know. “We’re going to see hipsters in higher waists and wider silhouettes,” said editor Faran Krenctil, who had a hand in the film. “But, I don’t think you’ll look like an asshole if you still wear skinny jeans.” Director Shruti Ganguly advised eating baby food to stay skinny and having “a glass of rosé in your hand.” And we thought cocaine was the only thing the hipsters stole from the eighties. —Jocelyn Guest

MADE: I Want to be a Hipster [YouTube]

Hipsters Celebrate Themselves Celebrating Themselves on YouTube