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In Death, Leona Helmsley Continues to Confound

Leona Helmsley and Andrea Peyser

Leona Helmsley and Andrea Peyser.Photos: Patrick McMullan (Helmsley), Getty Images (Peyser)

The Times’ normally staid City Room blog has racked up a lot of nasty comments on yesterday’s lengthy Leona Helmsley postmortem. “Ironic how one can die of heart failure when one has no heart,” wrote “Erica,” in one of over 120 reader responses. “Many former employees will be dancing on her grave,” added “Veggie.” ” She looks like the Grinch who stole Christmas … hmmmm, how appropriate,” chimed in “Becca.” And “Joe” even mused, “Perhaps she is now being told that ‘only the little people make it to heaven.’” Yipes, stripes! That’s pretty harsh for the normally painstakingly respectful Times, which claims to moderate all Web comments. We almost felt bad for the old gal! Then we read Andrea Peyser’s love letter to the “Queen of Mean” in the Post. “Leona Helmsley was one of a kind,” Peyser writes, cracking her stony façade for a moment. “Soar in peace, darling.” Wait, the Times reveals a nasty side, and Andrea Peyser is showing love? We just don’t know what’s real anymore…

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In Death, Leona Helmsley Continues to Confound