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Investment Banking: More Stressful Than Iraq

The New Yorker thinks men are funnier than woman — running more than eight times as many men as women authors in “Shouts & Murmurs.” But what about cartoonists? [Radar]
• The Gawker-Observer conveyor belt switches directions yet again: associate editor Doree Shafrir set to go legit and start covering “ideas” for the curiously pink paper. [Gawker]
• Mark Deuze, the author of a new book on the media industry, claims that workers in media are the “most likely to accept exploitative labor practices.” Duh! [I Want Media via Mixed Media/Portfolio]

• Investment banking: more stressful than serving in Iraq. So says one former New York lawyer who joined the army right after 9/11. [Deal Journal/WSJ]
• Manhattan-based CIT Group became the latest firm to shut down its subprime-lending unit, cutting 550 jobs across 25 offices. Still no mass layoffs on Wall Street though. [Crains NY]
• Steve Schwarzman made a list of the top 49 men of 2007 — right next to Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg. [ via DealBreaker]

• Bar-exam takers who used laptops may have lost some of their work. Objection! [Above the Law]
• However well-deserved, the Larry Craig arrest seems a little fishy as far as civil liberties are concerned. What’s the legal side? [Slate]
• Retired New York federal judge Michael Mukasey may be on the inside track to replace Gonzalez as attorney general. It’s easier when you’re applying for a job that nobody wants. [National Law Journal]

• Paul Smith and Peter Saville have joined forces to make a T-shirt for the new Joy Division biopic. We’re sure Ian Curtis would jump for joy, or something. [British Vogue]
TSM Captial bought 22 percent of Matthew Williamson’s company and Lauren Davis, socialite and Vogue-ette was tapped to consult. [FWD]
• Burberry is suing London Fog for knocking off the iconic plaid. Next up: all of Canal Street. [NYP]

Investment Banking: More Stressful Than Iraq