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Jeb’s Job

• Lehman landed former Florida governor Jeb Bush as an adviser. Makes you wonder which bank will get the honor of hiring W. when the “first MBA president” finally steps down. [Deal Journal/WSJ]
• Does Bank of America CEO Ken Lewis’s move to save Countrywide, the largest mortgage lender in the United States, make him a modern-day J.P. Morgan? [MarketWatch]
• John Dyment, the global head of Deutsche Bank’s hedge-fund unit, jumped ship for Shumway Capital Partners, a hedge fund based in Greenwich. []

• Associate pay hikes will go all the way up to, um, unemployment? Turns out the credit crunch may not make for a legal bonanza after all. [Legal Intelligencer]
• Bench-slap! Loretta Preska, a Manhattan federal judge, censured Cleary Gottlieb for trying to dissuade a witness from attending a deposition and ordered that the reprimand be circulated throughout the entire firm. [Law Blog/WSJ]
• The Times Magazine’s “Ethicist” filtered through “Page Six”: Which female lawyer, now up for a job as a judge, had sex on the first date with a fellow attorney, then, when the guy came down with a fever, admitted she had genital herpes? Lawyerly types debate. [NYT, Law Blog/WSJ]

• Marc Jacobs: art director. The designer got his hands on the latest Visionaire, which hits stands October 1, and Drew Barrymore, ScarJo, Gisele, and Lil’ Kim are just a few of the ladies who grace the pages. [British Vogue]
• Karl Lagerfeld can’t sit still. The ever-shrinking designer is showing Chanel’s pre-fall collection in London. [WWD]
• The fashion-challenged everywhere can breathe a sigh of relief: Crocs is doing a clothing line. [Reuters]

• So when Murdoch makes those personal calls to staffers at the Journal, is he offering more money or just the standard empty promises? [Romenesko]
NBC is expanding internationally by buying U.K.-based Sparrowhawk media. It’s a great name, at least. [NYP]
• Jack Shafer thinks complaints about old Times stories harming personal reputations are a lot of hot air. Sort of like this column about it. [Slate]

Jeb’s Job