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Jeffrey Goldberg Wants a Pony

Atlantic owner David Bradley sent ponies to Jeffrey Goldberg’s kids to help lure him away from The New Yorker. Seriously. [WP]
• Just before the Dow Jones deal went through, the Bancrofts voted to double this quarter’s dividend for themselves [NYP]
• Murdoch and Ailes’s next move? All-out war? (Wait, they’re not at war with everyone else already?) [Newsweek]

• Turns out Forbes senior editor Daniel Lyons was the mysterious writer behind Fake Steve Jobs, the blog mocking Apple and all of Silicon Valley. [NYT]
• The subprime meltdown claimed its first big-name victim: Bear Stearns fired Warren Spector, the bank’s president and COO. Alan Schwartz, an investment banker, will take his place. [NYP]
• Is merger advice really worth the billions that companies pay top banks? [NYT]

• Phillip Lim may design for Coach. [Flypaper]
• Dita Von Teese is the new face of Frederick’s of Hollywood. [Fashionista]
• Topshop’s managing director, Karyn Fenn, has resigned. [British Vogue]

• Top firms spend around $250,000 to recruit a summer associate, and they still do an awfully shoddy job of it. [The American Lawyer]
• With the sprightly John Roberts suffering a seizure, how’s the rest of the court holding up? [AP via]
• Even though it looks like Milberg Weiss lied about paying kickbacks to class-action clients, some legal scholars argue that shouldn’t be considered such a bad thing. [Law Blog/WSJ]

Jeffrey Goldberg Wants a Pony