Less News Is Fit to Print


Today’s Times, and Friday’s.

Like us, you no doubt got up this morning and headed right to the front door, eager to pick up your morning paper and experience the first day of the rest of your Times. The new paper is the same height as before, but it’s an inch and a half narrower, bringing it “to the national newspaper 12-inch standard,” as the “To Our Readers” note published on the front page explains. We picked it up from our doorstep, and we found it, at first glance, to be very much like the old Times, if perhaps a little lighter than usual. (The lighter-ness, we soon realized, is just because there isn’t one of those obnoxious, novel-size Corcoran inserts today.)

As we flipped through more, we decided we liked the thing a little less. The op-ed columns look a little short and stubby; while the A1 front looks gratifyingly like the front of the Times, the Metro front looks sort of miniature. Turning pages feels different, also like you’re turning the pages of a miniature replica of the Times. Which is when it hit us: This thing is going to be a lot easier to read on the subway. We think we like it.

Less News Is Fit to Print