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Martha Plimpton Loves a Midsummer Opening Night


Plimpton taking a bow last night.Photo: Getty Images

After the opening-night performance of A Midsummer Night’s Dream at Shakespeare in the Park last night, featuring creepy Victorian zombie-kids as Titania’s fairy crew, a jazz-handsy Puck, and a Martha Plimpton as slapsticky as in her Goonies days, the audience retired up to Belvedere Castle to celebrate. “It’s beautiful the way they’ve lit it up like this,” Plimpton gushed, all pixielike. “It’s a magical fairyland.” The misty, late-summer fête was the perfect setting to drunkenly talk about fairies, Central Park memories, romantic obsessions, performing en plein air, and iambic pentameter. Despite a few notables snacking on wraps and brownies — Plimpton, Rashida “Don’t Call Me Ubiquitous” Jones, a thuddingly dull Jeff Goldblum — the affair felt like a high-school cast party, but with a better sound system and free-flowing booze. We mean this in the best possible way: Hooray for no red carpets and lots of impromptu dance circles. A magical fairyland, indeed. —Justin Ravitz

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Martha Plimpton Loves a Midsummer Opening Night