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New York ‘Post’ Owes Its Punch to Col Allan’s Hangovers

Col Allan

New York Post editor Col Allan.Photo: Patrick McMullan

So remember Kevin Rudd, that Australian candidate for prime minister who went on a bender at Scores with Col Allan and was later rung through the ringer about it in Rupert Murdoch’s Aussie press? Well, we all knew he wasn’t the only one to fall under the Post editor’s boozy spell – and today Col’s former employee Megan Lehmann writes in Newsweek about her own experiences. “More than a few have been left wondering what the hell happened,” she says. “There’s no wimping out when Col is shouting in a Manhattan bar.” So what does a night out with him entail? Tabletop dancing, watching the sunrise as you leave a bar, mild personal injury, and maybe, sometimes, a glimpse of naked Stevie Nicks. So all those times we hear about him lumbering through the newsroom calling his own staffers “fucking idiots,” he’s just hung-over, eh? We suppose that’s what they like to believe.

On the Town With Col Allan [Newsweek]

New York ‘Post’ Owes Its Punch to Col Allan’s Hangovers