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Paps No Match for Moms at ‘Rocket Science’ Premiere

Nick D'Agosto

Nick D’AgostoPhoto: Getty Images

The Regal Union Square Cinemas were taken over last night by the star-sprinkled premiere of Rocket Science, the high-school-debate-team comedy which features a gaggle of comely twentysomethings. For once the paparazzi were outflashed and outshouted — by the scrum of stage parents roped off on the other side of the red carpet. “The first time I ever did a play — my parents over here will remember this — I forgot all of my lines and started bawling,” explained actor Nick D’Agosto, winking at his adoring mother. D’Agosto is currently filming scenes opposite Hayden Panettiere for the fall season of Heroes. He plays her superpowered boyfriend, and omg! They get to kiss! “I have a girlfriend, but it was great. It is wonderful,” he said. “So, I’m going to play that down.” Oops, too late for that. —Brett Amelkin

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Paps No Match for Moms at ‘Rocket Science’ Premiere