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Photogs Love Leary, and Other Pap Tales From the ‘Delirious’ Screening


DiCillo, Thorne, and Buscemi last night.Photo: Getty Images

Like all non-Hamptons happenings this month, last night’s screening of Delirious at the Tribeca Grand was pretty low on star power. But Tom DiCillo’s comedy stars Steve Buscemi as a star-stalking paparazzo, and the phalanx of real-life photogs in attendance hammed it up with lots of elbow-angling and shouting when DiCillo, co-star Callie Thorne, and a few Culkin brothers showed. Thorne, who said she gets her paparazzi-handling tips from Parker Posey, confessed that Denis Leary regularly gets stalked by photogs on the set of Rescue Me, where she plays his love interest. “We’re trying to shoot a scene that’s very serious and dramatic,” she said, and “all of the sudden out of the bushes a paparazzo jumps out. We all break and laugh, but Denis gets cranky. That’s probably the most crazy I’ve seen people get — around Denis.” (Who knew?)

DiCillo’s worst paparazzi moment came while shooting The Real Blonde, with Daryl Hannah, in Manhattan. “The light was going, we were under tremendous pressure, Daryl was walking across the street,” he recalled. “And, goddamn it, a paparazzo jumped right in the middle of the shot and took the picture. I jumped out, grabbed the guy and said, ‘What the fuck? Dude, we’re working here. This isn’t fun and games. You just ruined the shot.’ He said, ‘Yeah, you touch me again, I’ll fucking sue you.’” —Justin Ravitz

Photogs Love Leary, and Other Pap Tales From the ‘Delirious’ Screening