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‘Post’ Homophobia Still Mysteriously Unfunny

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New York Post

You know what? We’re getting pretty bored by the New York Post’s homophobia. For a while, we giggled at “Page Six“‘s use of archaic adjectives like “swishy” and “limp-wristed” to describe gay subjects. We tried to find the humor in cartoonist Sean Delonas’s offensive portrayal of cartoon queers (they’re always drawn with exaggerated lips and eyelashes, and one leg kicked flamboyantly upward). We always figured it was one or two holdovers from an earlier tabloid age that contributed these faux pas. But today’s Larry Craig–inspired graphic sidebar, “Are You a Gay Senator,” includes such juvenile, unfunny stereotypes that it’s clear the editorial staff still has no idea what’s appropriate. If blacks or Jews, for example, were painted in such broad strokes, there’d be widespread uproar. What’s most offensive, we think, is that none of it is ever funny. These are the people who came up with “Headless Body Found in Topless Bar” – they can’t even come up with a clever butt-sex pun?

Are You A Gay Senator? [NYP]

‘Post’ Homophobia Still Mysteriously Unfunny