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Real-Estate Porn: Behold a Beresford Penthouse



Been shopping for a place on Central Park West? Curbed noticed the listing today for a three-bedroom park-facing duplex penthouse in the famous Beresford, just north of the Museum of Natural History and home to celebrities from Jerry Seinfeld to John MacEnroe. It hasn’t been renovated in a while, but it’s also only been lightly used: The current owner is apparently an Indian media mogul who only stays there two weeks a year. (It seems it’s good to be an Indian media mogul.) The price tag: a mere $28 million. Hey, maybe it can be your uptown pied-à-terre. (Curbed has floor plans, too.)

On the Market: Beresford Penthouse for $28M [Curbed]
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Real-Estate Porn: Behold a Beresford Penthouse