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Rudy’s Wife, Kids Keep Causing Him Trouble


Caroline Giuliani’s Facebook page.Photo: Facebook via

The Giuliani women are these days causing the old man nothing but trouble. Yesterday, the Times published that front-page profile of Judi, arranged by the former mayor in an attempt to clean up her image after some recent unflattering coverage (like, say, here) that instead provided the paper of record a chance to rehearse all those previously reported embarrassing details — alongside an unsettlingly busty picture of Mrs. G. But today it gets even worse. America’s Mayor’s daughter, Caroline, who, like her brother, enjoys a publicly strained relationship with her presidential-hopeful pop, was revealed by Slate this morning to be — horror of horrors! — a Barack Obama supporter. The recent high-school grad had publicly listed “Barack Obama (One Million Strong for Barack)” as one of her membership groups on her Facebook page; by this morning the listing had been removed. Honest mistake? Maybe. But she starts at Harvard in the fall, and we have a funny feeling she knows what she’s doing.

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Rudy’s Wife, Kids Keep Causing Him Trouble