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Suri Cruise Experiments With Child Stardom, Wall Streeters Do Same With Honesty

• A new poll shows more than half of Wall Street traders would commit a felony for a $10 million profit. Now our trust in these guys is really shaken. [NYP]
• The Times outlines which funds are suffering the most — not that you should panic or anything. [NYT]
• Round two in the housing meltdown: Get foreclosed on a $100,000 mortgage, and you owe the IRS $33,000 for the “forgiven” debt. Fortunately, the Manhattan market is still red-hot. So no, you still can’t buy an apartment. [NYT, NYT]

• Col Allan, the editor of the Post, helped pull off a little international incident when he took Kevin Rudd, the Australian opposition party’s leader, to a strip club in New York. That was four years ago, and now that Rudd’s running for prime minister, team Murdoch decided to dig up the dirt and spread it across Australia. Just wait until The Wall Street Journal gets in on this kind of action — pointillist pictures of prostitutes, here we come! [Daily Telegraph via FishbowlNY/Mediabistro]
• Chandler Burr, the Times’ freelance perfume critic, doled out free samples from a French company at a recent dinner, including one that he reviewed for the paper. We smell a conflict of interest! Ha-yuck! [NYP]
• More firings at Alpha Media: Stuff publisher John Lumpkin got the boot, as did Maxim number two James Heidenry, who had served with the magazine for eleven years. Which might have been a relief, considering the amount of “number two” jokes he must have heard around that office. [NYP, Gawker]

• Law blogger Ann Althouse is a visiting prof at Brooklyn Law School this year, and they’ve got her set up in some pretty sweet digs, at least for Brooklyn. Man, blogging rules. [Althouse via Above the Law]
• Finally some good news for prosecutors in the long-running KPMG tax-shelter fiasco: One defendant, David Makov, has agreed to plead guilty. [NYT]

• Has Pete Doherty hooked up with Topshop model Irini Lazareanu, a friend (and co-worker) of his ex Kate Moss? Only time — and track marks — will tell. [Fashionista]
• Once again proving he has no need for sleep, Karl Lagerfeld is introducing an eponymous accessories line. [Flypaper]
• Wisely, Baby Gap has decided to use the world’s cutest – if most alienist – toddler for its ad campaign: Suri Cruise. [Styledash]

Suri Cruise Experiments With Child Stardom, Wall Streeters Do Same With Honesty