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Terror/Hilarity at Upper East Side Equinox!

Spin Class

A normal, sedate spin class. The type that could go to hell at any minute.Photo:

This weekend, the Post uncovered exactly the kind of summer story we like. It’s got it all — rage, violence, and spin class! In case you didn’t pick up the paper in the Hamptons (okay, let’s be honest, the Shore), here’s what happened: One day, while spinning at an Equinox on the Upper East Side, gym loudmouth Stuart Sugarman was being particularly obnoxious. He moaned, yelled, and bellowed out gems like “You go, girl!” to the instructor. “My client was in what’s called ‘the zone,’” his lawyer later explained. Broker Christopher Carter had repeatedly asked — and then warned — Sugarman to be quiet. The hedge-funder shot back, “Stop being a baby,” and that’s when Carter launched Sugarman and his bike through a wall. Well played! Sugarman got back on his bike and continued working out but later claimed he had no feeling on one side of his body and called a personal-injury attorney. Either Sugarman or the lawyer called the Post to spill the story and garner some sympathy. This was probably a tactical error — as in our estimation most New Yorkers rank people who are loud in the gym as only slightly more loathsome than people who use the phrase “in the zone.”

The Times just weighed into the fray, noting that Sugarman was stripped of his Equinox membership, even as he is being treated at Lenox Hill currently for a neck procedure. And the Post adds today that Carter is being charged with a misdemeanor. The Times brings it home with the existential question – if someone jacks a gym grunter, will anybody care?

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Terror/Hilarity at Upper East Side Equinox!