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Yanks Sweep Sox; We Confess Stupidity


Robinson Cano rounding the bases after his second home run last night.Photo: Getty Images

So, hey, remember back at the all-star break, when we wrote that “the Yankees’ season is already over: They’re ten games behind the Red Sox and out of the wild-card race”? And remember how we went on and on about it? “They’ve run out of saviors,” we continued. “Unless the earth starts spinning backward, or someone fudges the math, or Steinbrenner discovers a way to fire the entire A.L. East, there will be no signature late-summer heroics, no storming back and humiliating the Red Sox, no sweeping the postseason awards. We are witnessing, at long last, the global-warming-ish collapse of the Torre dynasty — long predicted by doomsdayers, supported recently by airtight statistical trends, and now suddenly upon us.” Yeah, well, they swept the Sox, and now they’re only five games back, and they’ve got a one-game lead for the wild card. Apparently we had no idea what we were talking about.

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Yanks Sweep Sox; We Confess Stupidity