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740 Park: Ladies Love Chris Dodd


White man with money’s wife: Danielle Ganek.Photo: Patrick McMullan

Huffington Post’s FundRace 2008 feature, which lets you track individual campaign contributions by name or address, continues to be a reliable source of stalkerish joy. Today we decided to check up on how 740 Park Avenue, with its plentiful dollar, votes. What we found might shock you.

These people are politically passive: Out of the measly ten donations made from the building, eight are courtesy of the Ganek and Mnuchin households (David Ganek is a Level Global honcho, and Steven Mnuchin chairs Dune Capital). Ganek gave to Christopher Dodd, John Edwards, and, in a nice hedge, Rudy Giuliani; Mnuchin went with Edwards and Bill Richardson. Ganek’s wife, Danielle, whose occupation is now proudly listed as “author” after the art-world roman à clef Lulu Meets God and Doubts Him, gave to Dodd as well, although we know where her sympathies would lie should Bloomberg run. So did “homemaker” Heather Mnuchin; as a result, Dodd wins the building with a combined $10,200 in gifts! Handsome John Edwards comes in a distant second with $6,300. Oddly, there’s not a single Hillraiser on the premises.

740 Park Avenue, 10021 [FindRace 2008]

740 Park: Ladies Love Chris Dodd