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A Dingo Just Ate Your Job, Dude

Rupert Murdoch

It puts the lotion in the basket.Photo: Getty Images

You have to wonder if the preposterous signage at yesterday’s protests by Wall Street Journal reporters — “A dingo ate my health care,” read one sign. (A dingo ate your health care? Are you serious?) — were partially responsible for Dow Jones CEO Richard Zannino’s decision to send out a letter today to employees warning that the company might soon need to cut some fat. Like all such missives, it spoke softly but carried a heavy stick. A stick that said, “Wall Street Journal Reporters Are Fucked!” on it in giant block letters. Metaphorical letters. Not like the signs…Whatever. Anyway!

News Corporation’s main goal, said the letter, according to the Financial Times, is to “increase profits by strengthening and growing our products and brands, not by slashing costs” but “there will be some changes…where job cuts are unavoidable, we will communicate that as soon as practical.” For some reason we have this extremely clear mental picture of Rupert Murdoch leaning over Zannino’s shoulder as he writes this, hollering, “That’s right, bitches! This dingo’s got teeth! How you like me now?”

Dow Jones chief paves the way for job losses [FT]

A Dingo Just Ate Your Job, Dude