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A Man Named Hsu

Big head, big heart?Photo: Getty Images

Oh, crap. The Wall Street Journal today reveals a sad new twist in the story of Norman Hsu. It appears that the Hillary Clinton fund-raiser/alleged Ponzi-schemer may have tried to commit suicide on the Chicago-bound Amtrak train where he was arrested. Before getting on the train in California, Hsu FedExed a letter to a number of people in which, the Journal reports, he “very explicitly said he intended to commit suicide.”

When, during the course of that ill-fated Amtrak journey, Hsu didn’t emerge from his sleeper cabin for a long time, concerned fellow travelers called the authorities — Hsu was found “bare-chested and huddled in the fetal position” and surrounded by prescription pills. This makes us sad for a couple of reasons. First, Hsu actually made nice with his fellow Amtrakers, enough so that they were actually looking out from him! And also, one of the recipients of Hsu’s farewell letter was the Innocence Project, a charitable organization to which Hsu was a “significant donor.” So even though he’s probably a total crook, Hsu also might kind of be a good person! Sure, we’ve been making fun of Hsu for having a giant forehead, but is it possible that under that huge expanse of exposed scalp, his brain is ever-so-slightly connected to a wee heart? Goodness, aren’t those rich people complex?

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A Man Named Hsu