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Alan Greenspan: ‘Not My Fault’

• Alan Greenspan says don’t blame him for the credit crisis. He may not have understood the dangers until recently, but the former Fed chief claims there’s nothing he could have done. [NYP]
• Who needs Wall Street 2 when Gordon Gekko is already back in the guise of Steve Schwarzman? The Blackstone founder just bought a big stake in a firm called BlueStar, the same name as the central company in the original Wall Street. [DealBook/NYT]
• Big surprise: Funds that invest in Vice typically do far better than those that insist on Virtue. [NYT]

ABC News may have some broken glass on their hands: Alexis Debat, the reporter that faked interviews with Obama and others for a French magazine, served for years as a consultant at the network. ABC investigated his stories when they discovered he never earned a Ph.D. from the Sorbonne, but now they’re asking more questions. [NYT]
• Time Inc. is reshuffling the deck chairs in their beleaguered business mag-unit: the one-year-old “Business and Finance Network” is now the “Fortune/Money Group.” Exciting! [Mixed Media/Portfolio]
• The Dow Jones union says they’re close to reaching an agreement with management. They better be, since Murdoch would likely drive a much harder bargain when he takes over. [NYT]

• Cameron Diaz, Ashton Kutcher, and Demi Moore apparently dropped by the Cadwalader offices for a little quality time in a conference room. Hope it wasn’t the one with bedbugs! [Above the Law]
• Chief Justice John Roberts says being a judge is a lot like being a firefighter. No one knows what you’re doing under those huge outfits. [Law Blog/WSJ]
• Ambitious associates, you don’t have to wait to make partner before becoming a rainmaker. Here’s how to get started early. [National Law Journal]

• Diane Von Furstenberg personally pleads with Marc Jacobs not to stop showing in New York. [WWD]
• Meanwhile, is Marc knocking off Vans? Ew! [Fashionista]
• Emmanuel Ungaro will skip Paris Fashion Week this year. [WWD]

Alan Greenspan: ‘Not My Fault’