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Bloomberg Water Muddied by Mansion, Mom

Mayor Bloomberg

Mayor Bloomberg, looking slightly rotisserie.Photo: Getty Images

The fun thing about possible presidential candidates, as opposed to merely undeclared ones, is that everything they do has two parallel explanations. Take our own billionaire mayor, who’s now inviting scrutiny with things as trivial as a mere mansion purchase. Bloomberg, the Observer reports, has picked up 1014 Madison Avenue, which houses a historic gallery, for $40 million. Since he also owns the adjacent 25 East 78th and can now connect the two buildings as long as he doesn’t futz with the landmark façades, this places Bloomie well on his way to carving a 32,000-square-foot compound out of the hood (oh yeah, he also owns a townhouse one block up). Does the purchase, gallery and all, mean the mayor’s about to settle into comfy retirement filled with charity balls and such? Or is he building the most awesome campaign HQ ever?

Hizzoner’s mom is no help: The 98-year-old Charlotte Bloomberg is as coy as her son discussing Michael’s presidential prospects. “The last time we talked about it, he said, ‘I haven’t made up my mind yet,’” she told the Boston Globe, immediately causing a ruckus down here. Of course, she immediately added, “Personally, I don’t think he’s interested.” Tease! One can see her point, though: A winning campaign, among other things, might mean fewer new mansions for Bloomberg, as today’s Sun points out. President Bloomberg’s 68 percent stake in Bloomberg L.P.— and especially Bloomberg News — could “create a web of potential conflicts,” experts say. Ah, “President Bloomberg.” We forgot the most intense pleasure of covering non-candidates: getting away with total disregard of reality.

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Bloomberg Water Muddied by Mansion, Mom