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Brad Pitt Concedes Own Boringness at ‘Jesse James’ Premiere


Brad Pitt still doesn’t understand why Angelina Jolie
continues to try to devour him after sex.Photo: Getty Images

Is America finally becoming celebrity fatigued? Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie arrived nice and early at the premiere of The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford and benevolently went directly to greet fans lined up across from the Ziegfeld Theatre. We expected a zoo — this is Brangelina, the apex of celebrity — but there were only a few fans behind the (barely necessary) barricades. So fortunately for us waiting with recorders, the autograph signing and cell-phone-picture-taking took only about five minutes, and then the golden ones were on the red carpet, beaming, smiling, and looking very much in love. We asked Angelina (who was looking lovely and remarkably un-praying-mantis-like) if her son Maddox is into cowboys and Indians. She rewarded us with a laugh, saying he wasn’t really, but “he liked his spurs when he had them.” And Maddox won’t be seeing Jesse James, she said. “It’s Daddy being really violent!” Daddy himself wasn’t feeling contemplative as he walked the carpet, instead seeming a little bored with it all. When a perky MTV producer threw him the standard softball, “What did you learn from doing this movie?” Pitt didn’t swing for it. “I didn’t learn shit, really,” he said. Is it possible even Brad Pitt is tired of himself? —Bennett Marcus

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Brad Pitt Concedes Own Boringness at ‘Jesse James’ Premiere