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Clarence Thomas, Porn Addict?

• Henry Kravis supposedly gave a big concession when he let the banks place restrictions on the debt offering for the all-important First Data deal, but banks are now complaining the concession is less an olive branch than a fig leaf. [DealBook/NYT]
• Hits on hedge-fund bonuses may not be as bad as we all thought: While they won’t set any records, they’re still set to grow 1 to 9 percent from last year, and general compensation is still climbing. [Globe & Mail via DealBook/NYT]
• Jordan Belfort, the former broker who swindled investors out of $100 million, didn’t discover Jesus in prison, but he did chance upon Tom Wolfe. His new book, The Wolf of Wall Street, looks back on the good times selling bogus stocks while tripping on quaaludes. [NYT]

• Rupert Murdoch gets his haircut by a Sicilian barber in the basement of the St. Regis Hotel, and for a mere $65. At that rate, maybe he’ll even be able to spare a few bucks for reporters at the Journal, who, with job cuts looming and still no contract, are threatening to strike. [Fortune, FT via MSNBC, E&P]
• Matt Drudge says he’s quitting his radio show “to focus on his web site and other endeavors.” Did New York’s in-depth reporting leave the fedora-ed one a little flustered? [NYP, Mixed Media/Portfolio]
• An Indonesian court ordered Time magazine to pay $106 million in libel damages for a May 1999 story that claimed former Indonesian dictator Suharto stole billions from his own people. The court included one of Suharto’s generals, and there’s still one more chance to appeal; no word on whether it’s equally corrupt. [AP via Romenesko]

• When Bill Clinton was considering Hillary for the attorney-general post, did Chief Justice Rehnquist really respond, “They say Caligula appointed his horse counsel of Rome?” [Above the Law]
• And did Bush 1.0 really rush the swearing in of Clarence Thomas because the Washington Post was about to publish a story about his extensive porn habit? This and more from Jeff Toobin’s dishy The Nine. [Above the Law]
• Wachtell Lipton has been repping Larry Silverstein since the beginning of the ground-zero rebuild, and the partners involved say the resulting contracts are the most complicated they have ever seen. For corporate lawyers, that’s saying something. [American Lawyer]

• Dame Anita Roddick, founder of the Body Shop, died yesterday after suffering a brain hemorrhage. She was 64. [WWD]
• The Daily News live-blogs the mounting insanity before, during, and after the insanely late Marc Jacobs show last night. [NYDN]
• Meanwhile, Jezebel reviews the show in Edie-speak. [Jezebel]

Clarence Thomas, Porn Addict?