Conspiracy-Theory Priest Still Sermonizing Suspicions

Father Frank Morales

Father Frank Morales, at his church.Photo: Jeff Mermelstein

Just in time for September 11, Father Frank Morales, the activist Episcopal priest and associate pastor at St. Mark’s Church in the Bowery, trotted out his conspiracy theory about the World Trade Center attacks during a religious service yesterday. Calling it an “inside job,” he sermonized to a crowd of nearly 40 during a reading of the Sermon on the Mount outside the church on East 10th Street. The special service was held in the church’s west graveyard and garden to commemorate the upcoming sixth anniversary of 9/11. In front of a bouquet of yellow roses sent earlier in the week by Yoko Ono, Morales, a member of New York’s 9/11 Truth Movement, called for a new investigation to determine how “nineteen guys with box cutters could have outwitted” the “massive” United States intelligence agencies to wreck havoc on American soil. The priest, who visited ground zero to give last rites to the dying, also asked rhetorically: “How come the FBI hasn’t put bin Laden on its Most Wanted list?” —Mary Reinholz

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Conspiracy-Theory Priest Still Sermonizing Suspicions