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Despite Big Guns, Anderson Loses Grip on Tapes

Anderson Cooper

Anderson Cooper at the beginning of the summer.
We couldn’t find a shot of his pipes recently, but
trust us, they’re like a pair of melons wearing tube
socks.Photo: Getty Images

Anderson Cooper was “not happy” that a producer lost the tapes of his Hurricane Katrina special, “Page Six” reports today, forcing the CNN anchor to return from his vacation in Europe and re-film in New Orleans. But judging by the more recent footage, aired last week, we’re betting Anderson was at least a little psyched to have later shooting. It gave him more time to work on his fabulous new biceps, which he debuted during the segment in a clingy black polo shirt. He couldn’t stop himself from raising his arms into the frame so his viewers could get a better look. Anderson — we had no idea that was why you were spending so much time at the gym!

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Despite Big Guns, Anderson Loses Grip on Tapes