Diddy’s Spectacular Fall From Hotness

The great unwashed clean up pretty well.Photo courtesy of

Earlier today, we mentioned to a colleague the annual Labor Day fracas that is Diddy’s White Party — yes, that beloved(ish), A-list(ish) fête at the hip-hop mogul’s East Hampton home, for which all guests are required to wear white. “Did he even have the party this year?” the colleague asked, suggesting to us that Diddy’s status on the social circuit has indeed taken a turn for the worse.

For starters, yes, the hip-hop mogul did indeed host his annual White Party, though an attendee notes that Diddy spent most of his time on a balcony, sequestered from his guests (as pictured above). But you probably won’t hear much more about it than that. Adding to the aura of social stigma is “Page Six,” which took great glee in reporting earlier this summer that the hip-hop mogul had been denied entry at a club in St. Tropez (which is the rich person’s equivalent of sitting at the nerds’ table at lunch). Meanwhile, the recent finale of Diddy’s Making the Band 4 required no less than seventeen twists and turns to garner even a blip of media attention. And this morning, Diddy suffered perhaps the greatest indignity: a spot on the Today show, in which he gave entertainment reporter Jill Rappaport a tour of his East Hampton home (going so far as to even introduce his sons on camera). Kind of like Cribs for the stay-at-home-mom crowd, except we don’t expect Master P. to go quite so low.

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Diddy’s Spectacular Fall From Hotness