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Douglas Band Is Having the Worst Day Ever

Chelsea Clinton

Was Chelsea the victim of an overzealous
staffer, or did she pull a Maddox Jolie?.Photo:

Douglas Band, former White House intern and Bill Clinton’s longtime personal assistant, is having one hell of a day. First there was the Wall Street Journal story this morning, which basically blamed him for getting the Clintons to sink a ton of cash into a questionable real-estate deal with Raffaello Follieri and took an incidental shot at him for how his job used to be carrying the president’s cell phone around. Now Band’s gotten the Clintons into trouble with another loopy Italian.

Nino Selimaj, owner of Osso Buco, received a letter from Brand demanding that he remove a picture of himself with Chelsea Clinton from the wall of his eatery. Selimaj, publicity lover that he is, went straight to “Page Six” with the letter, and now it and the photo are on the Smoking Gun. Way to go, Band. If Chelsea was embarrassed about having a picture of herself back when she had gross hair on the wall of a cheesy Italian restaurant, she’s even more mortified now that it’s all over the Internetosphere. Charlie Young would never have screwed up like this.

Clinton in Restaurant Row [Smoking Gun]

Douglas Band Is Having the Worst Day Ever