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Even Iraq Can’t Save Katie

• Jon Stewart will get another chance to piss off Old Hollywood — the Academy just decided to let him host the Oscars again. [NYT]
• If you thought Katie Couric’s Iraq trip was nothing but a ratings stunt, you might want to check the numbers: The week-long tour tied her previous record for the lowest CBS viewership in over two decades. [AP]
• The Wall Street Journal’s softball team celebrates its last season as an “independently” owned team by printing up a cute little fake story. No mention whether Murdoch plans to fire the lot of them and bring in juiced replacements. [Radar Online]

• Fake Steve Jobs’ new friend Fake Steve Schwarzman looks back on September 11 and reminds us that there’s nothing more patriotic than buying LBO debt. [Newsgroper via DealBreaker]
• Joseph Lewis, the mysterious British billionaire who bought into Bear Stearns, looks unlikely to go activist on the company — he’s good friends with Bear CEO Jim Cayne, and the two have even played bridge together. [NYP]
• Is former Fed chief Alan Greenspan to blame for the present-day credit crisis? [Portfolio]

• New York judges will finally follow through on their long-threatened suit against the Governor and the Legislature for higher wages. Anyone up for a constitutional crisis? [New York Law Journal]
• One law prof teaches his students about the dangers of social networking by having them read their Facebook profiles out loud on the first day. The girl whose hobbies included “being slutty” was particularly embarrassed. [PrawfsBlawg via Above the Law]
• What law firms are ‘hot’ for next year’s prospective summer associates? David Lat says Wachtell and Cravath. [NYO]

• Fashion Week ends today. Sift through the rubble in New York’s exclusive coverage. [Show & Tell]

Even Iraq Can’t Save Katie