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Getting Gay With Liz and Cindy


Gina Gershon and Jennifer Tilly in Bound, a film which may have
featured the hottest semi-legit lesbian action ever.Courtesy of Gramercy Pictures

We were a little taken aback by Liz Smith and Cindy Adams’s columns today, as we leafed through them over our afternoon snack. It seems as thought the Post’s doddering divas of dish both traded in their summer whites for fall lavender. First, Cindy takes on the complex issue of Senator Larry Craig’s hunting for man sex in bathrooms – and somewhere between not caring “a fig” and not having “a horse in this race,” she kind of makes a coherent, pro-gay point. “The tawdry solicitation leaves us partly to blame,” she writes. “Draping homosexuality in shame is what forces the weak to hide and lie and rail against it publicly in order to cover themselves privately.” Whoa! Then we turned the page to read Liz’s column, only to find even more same-sex sensationalism — this time on the tail end of a paragraph about Gina Gershon. Remember Bound, the sexy lesbianic thriller? So does Liz. “If you want a real treat, find a DVD of Gina’s early one — Bound with Jennifer Tilly and Joey Pantoliano. A classic!” Um, double whoa.

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Getting Gay With Liz and Cindy