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Giuliani Team Can’t Quite Dismiss Defection of Former Campaign Manager

Fran Reiter

If for nothing else, this post was worth writing in order to show the glasses in this photo.Photo: Tom Gates/Pictorial Parade/Getty Images

Buried on page ten of the Post today is the news that Fran Reiter, one of Rudy Giuliani’s mayoral campaign managers (and later his deputy mayor) has switched allegiances and now supports Hillary Clinton. “[Rudy] took a political turn to the right — clearly. It’s a much more ideological agenda,” said Reiter, who adds that back when he was mayor, he was “terrific to work for.” But, she says, he’s recently backed away from “the progressive views he took” back then. Confronted with such obvious human evidence of Rudy’s political flip-flops, his current spokesperson retorted, “we’ll trade Fran Reiter for Louis Freeh any time.” Oh, snap! Freeh was Bill Clinton’s FBI director, who now supports Giuliani. The statement was deft enough to evade examination by the Post, but we have to wonder about the false parallel. Freeh worked for Bill Clinton, not Hillary. Hill has been making some clear departures from his legacy lately — making it clear she doesn’t mean to be the same president. But Fran Reiter’s point is that Rudy now is a different person from Rudy ten years ago — a much more sticky issue. One that the campaign has been trying to ignore. (Then again, we do sort of see the Giuliani spokesman’s point. We’d probably rather have Freeh too — he’s a total DILF!)

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Giuliani Team Can’t Quite Dismiss Defection of Former Campaign Manager