Have We Found Libeskind’s Manhattan Tower at Madison Square Park?

One Madison Ave

Isn’t this pretty? Now imagine it with a lot less
blue around it. And a lot more weirdness.Photo: Corbis

Some months ago, Daniel Libeskind told us he was designing his first tower in Manhattan. We asked where it was, and he said he couldn’t tell us, yet, but he would as soon as all the official folderol allowed. A few days later, someone who knows Libeskind mumbled something to us about “One Madison,” then promptly hushed up. For months, Libeskind’s people have said only that Israeli developer Elad Properties is Libeskind’s client for a project somewhere in Manhattan. Well, today, an Israeli news service is reporting that Elad is developing a 74-story apartment tower at One Madison Avenue. You know, that pretty landmark with the illuminated clock tower? According to the report, they’ll be adding many stories to make the new structure one of the tallest residential towers in the world.

Back in June, Libeskind told us his project would be on a “historic site, one of the iconic sites of New York City.” And, he added, “I guarantee you’ll see the Statue of Liberty from there.” Aha! And hmm. It’s got to be hard to change any aspect of that building. Elad’s venerable publicist, Lloyd Kaplan, says he doesn’t know what to make of the Globes story. And we’re not in the business of glomming news from publications we’ve never seen before. But either way, we’re excited for all the heated debate about the effect of skyscraper shadows on the iciness of Shake Shack custard in coming months. —Alec Appelbaum

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Have We Found Libeskind’s Manhattan Tower at Madison Square Park?