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Cranky Fashionistas Hungry … for Blood

Anna and Rachel get ready to rumble (we hope).Photo: Getty Images

New York’s Fashion Week is over, and in the five minutes between the closing of the tents and the start of London’s Fashion Week, all the stylish folks have had just enough time to focus on their distaste for one another. Seeing as industry-standard diet of clen and champers does little to help one’s mood, we can’t be surprised at this week’s outpouring of bitchery. A quick rundown of the postshow battles:

Rachel Zoe vs. Anna Wintour
In Sunday’s Times’ mag, stylist and possible “raisin-faced” alien Rachel Zoe unwisely taunts Anna Wintour: “Anna Wintour is one of my heroes, but they say I’m more influential,” the stylist tells Lynn Hirschberg. “As great as it is, Vogue won’t change a designer’s business. But if an unknown brand is worn by a certain person in a tabloid, it will be the biggest designer within a week.” Oh no, she didn’t. But she did! And now let’s follow the backbiting path over to…

Sidney Toledano vs. John Galliano and Hedi Slimane
In the Times’ stylish T supplement, Dior honcho Sidney Toledano spills to Cathy Horyn about the divalike behavior of John Galliano — who’s known to give the Latin “black eye” gesture when displeased — and the outrageous demands of Hedi Slimane, who he says is a “nightmare.” Meow! Speaking of catfights…

Suzy Menkes vs. Marc Jacobs
Meanwhile, fashion guru-critic Suzy Menkes is involved in her own little imbroglio: Last week, after Marc Jacobs’s show started two hours late, Mme. Menkes said she wanted to kill M.J. with her bare hands. But she was kidding, she swears! “I’m afraid my British sense of humor fell flat,” Menkes said. “My remarks about murdering Marc Jacobs were meant as a joke, and probably a very bad one,” she said. Which brings us to…

Ellin Saltzman vs. Suzy Menkes
Menkes didn’t offer quite enough of an apology for former Glamour editor Ellin Saltzman, who wrote a note to David Patrick Columbia of New York Social Diary, in which she wonders what the eff is Menkes’s problem: ”I have waited in Paris for shows to start … Vivienne Westwood was always late. Azzedine Alaia was often so late and then might decide not to show at all as you were waiting. Suzy Menkes should know these problems. And she should understand and perhaps scold a little but not whine and not try to destroy. Big f–king deal.” And meanwhile, it’s still…

Marc Jacobs vs. The World
The man still hates everyone. It is Monday, after all.

Cranky Fashionistas Hungry … for Blood