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If the Hsu Fits

Norman Hsu

It’s easy to be fooled by a face like this.Photo:Getty Images

We have such a complicated relationship with “Hillraiser” and former Soho resident Norman Hsu. On the one hand, we sort of find him physically endearing, with that forehead and those treasure-troll eyes. Plus we felt bad about his whole suicide thing, and, as we said yesterday, we like the fact that he donated his several dollars to places like the Innocence Project. On the other hand, he’s more or less a thief and a wimp, and when crooks like him donate to charity, it is usually for self-aggrandizing rather than a genuinely charitable reasons. But we digress! Yesterday Hsu’s bail was set at $5 million dollars, and we’re wondering what will happen when he appears in court again on Wednesday. In the meantime, the L.A. Times has a good piece about how campaign “bundlers” like Hsu work.

Hsu Thrived on “Bundling” System [LAT]

If the Hsu Fits