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Israeli Fans at U.S. Open Give ‘Times’ the Heebie Jeebies

Shahar Peer

Shahar Peer at the U.S. Open.Photo: Getty Images

Flipping through the Times Sports Section today, we were momentarily confused by the verbiage in Karen Crouse’s article about 20-year-old Israeli player Shahar Peer, who is supported at matches by many people from her homeland. “I go on the court and I feel like I’m playing in Israel or something,” Peer told the paper. Crouse took this sentiment and put it in her own Jewy, Jewy words. “All the Israeli-flag-waving, Hebrew-shouting fans in the stands made Peer, who was born in Jerusalem, feel as at home as pastrami between two slices of rye bread.” We’ll give the sportswriter an A for effort, and maybe a C- for conflating “Israel” with “Katz’s Deli.” The Times would do well to mimic some aspects of the Post’s great sports coverage, but perhaps next time, skip the broad stereotypes.

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Israeli Fans at U.S. Open Give ‘Times’ the Heebie Jeebies