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Kanye Can’t Get No Satisfaction


Kanye is mad and he doesn’t care who knows it.Photo: Getty Images

Once you reach a certain level of success in the entertainment industry, it’s considered déclassé to admit to reading your own press. Kanye West, however, is not so coy. Those who saw his outburst at the VMAs earlier this month, or have heard his recent album, Graduation won’t be surprised to learn that the “starcissist” not only reads all of his reviews, he occasionally picks up the phone to chastise the journalists who he thinks don’t fully appreciate his genius. One editor at a prominent publication told New York that an editorial assistant he worked with recently fielded such a call. “Kanye complimented him on a small piece he’d done on the album cover. Then he asked to talk to the reviewer who had given it kind of a middling review,” he said. The assistant attempted to stave off the rapper. “The kid was like, ‘Um, I think some people have different views? And you know people have their opinions.’” The editor said he’d heard Kanye’s publicist had been patching through a lot of similar calls. “At least the guy really cares about his album.” Indeed.

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Kanye Can’t Get No Satisfaction