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Marc Jacobs Turns on American Fashion

Marc Jacobs

Come to think of it, he does look more menacing
without the glasses.Photo: Getty Images

Marc Jacobs goes bananas in Women’s Wear Daily today, threatening to leave the country, berating the Council of Fashion Designers of America, and excoriating anyone who complained about his Monday fashion show beginning two hours late. “I don’t really feel a part of the American fashion community,” he spat to WWD editor Bridget Foley. “I really feel like an outsider, I think we all do, and we feel unloved here, so we want to go somewhere else.”

Jacobs, who is notoriously late to show every year, blames the delays on the CFDA’s inconvenient scheduling (he has three shows to handle and they all came lumped together), and powerful International Herald Tribune fashion editor Suzy Menkes, who pushed for the shows to end early so she could get back to Europe before Rosh Hashanah. Unruffled, Menkes had this to say in response, “I would like to murder him with my bare hands and never see another Marc Jacobs show in my entire life.” Woah! International fashion smackdown! Menkes, miffed at the lateness of the show, gave Jacobs’ collection a scathing review in her influential paper, calling it “a freak’s costume party.” We’re hoping this develops into a real, lifelong feud, because we were just thinking that with Anna Wintour all chipper these days, there wasn’t enough absurd cattiness in the industry. Oh, and Marc? Nice try, but we’re still annoyed the show started late.

Jacobs Blasts Back: Designer Tell Critics to Shut Up or Stay Home [WWD]

Marc Jacobs Turns on American Fashion