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Marchesa to Anna Wintour: ‘How High?’

Anna thinks happy thoughts at Erin Fetherston.Photo: Getty Images

As with all things in this world, during Fashion Week, Anna Wintour giveth, and she taketh away. When the Vogue editor-in-chief cracked a bona fide smile at yesterday’s Erin Fetherston show, the world knew Wintour was silently bestowing her priceless blessings on the young designer. But beyond the light, Her Vogueness also brings darkness.

Fashionista reports that the beautiful young things at yesterday’s Marchesa presentation were thrown into a tailspin when they were asked to arrive two hours early, mucking up their tightly packed schedules and forcing them to walk with minimal polishing. Why the last-minute fuss? Because Wintour wanted a private look at the collection an hour before anyone else. We guess girls who were busy walking in other shows just had to, uh, walk faster? Whatever it takes!

Meanwhile, as if the demands surrounding Marchesa weren’t high enough, Marchesa designer Georgina Chapman has declared that she wants everyone to be wearing her frocks to the Emmys this year. Don’t worry, GC: We’re sure Harvey Weinstein will make sure anyone with even the most remote silver-screen aspirations won’t have any other choice.

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Marchesa to Anna Wintour: ‘How High?’