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Matt Drudge, Why Are You Leaving Us Now?

Matt Drudge

We smell something funny, too!Photo: Getty Images

Hey guys — did you hear? Internet superstar Matt Drudge is giving up his radio show! And some crazy cats are saying it’s because of the New York profile on him a couple of weeks ago. Thanks for the flattery, friends, but that seems like a bit of a stretch, especially since Matt himself claims he gave notice to his radio bosses in July. Still, we too are scratching our heads over why he may have dumped the show. Friends say that he loves the doing it, and he himself once told listeners that “no one would know” what he really thinks if he didn’t have it. Why ditch the program now? Since he’s such a private person, maybe he’s gotten tired of letting people inside his head? That seems to make sense. In any event, he commented on Jeff Bercovici’s Portfolio blog, saying, “The NY Mag story was a riot! I thoroughly enjoyed it.” Oh, Matt! Are you flirting? We knew waiting outside of your house all those times was worth it.

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Matt Drudge, Why Are You Leaving Us Now?